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Let me introduce my software development - analisys information system ARIADNA.

It is multipurpose software application for personal using, consisted from two main parts:

In short, ARIADNA is a Graphical Scheme Editor with scripts on Prolog supporting.
It is a convenient tool of represent, processing and analysis of some information (facts, knowledges and so on) with complicated correlations and a tool of building (construction) of user applications

ARIADNA can be used to solve various personal tasks. There are some possible applications: 

I called this edition of program ARIADNA constructor, having in mind,  that user can construct own decisions of own tasks. I, for example, using it as tool making more easy planning of my life (year, month, week, day, ...),  as a tool of mindmap-technics, as a personal notepad, as tool of building some graphs (like a genealogical tree of my family), as personal organizer and scheduler and etc.


Supported Platforms

Currently the following architectures are supported:




          The current version of ARIADNA constructor is 0.9.
For learn more about ARIADNA, you can download its demo-version from one of this links:
If you have a problem of downloading then you can retry from one of this alternative addresses:

From alternative address #1:

From alternative address #2:

Registration and buy

Registration are welcome :). If you want to register and get full version of ARIADNA, send me e-mail letter, please. All contact information you can find in Contact section (see below). In Subject field of letter type: ARIADNA registration

If you have a questions about ARIADNA, but you do not  intend register yet or you are already registered user, then In field Subject of letter type ARIADNA questions.

Any way, the presence of ARIADNA word on Subject field of letter guarantees that your letter do not be deleted by mistake and I answer for it as soon as I can.


You can post me to one of this e-mails: 

Primary e-mail address:

Secondary e-mail addresses (use them if you do not get letter during long time - 3 days):

Write me and I try to take into account your wishes and suggestions.

Dear user, if You sent me e-mail, but do not got the answer, retry attempt please. I'll certainly answer to You!

Technical support

I provide free technical support unlimited in time. There are next services:
  • technical consultations about installation, using and exploitation, version updating, uninstalling of ARIADNA (all free)
  • fixing a problems which can be appear on progaram using process (all free)

Copyright © 2005 Serge Luckstar
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